Your fortress, a structure spectacular

built with blood and memories

of those who made you loathe yourself.


I was in awe of it for awhile

and then later, bored

with your need to be holed up 

with historical demons

and antique canons ready for blasting

new suitors, me.


I know you love a sword fight as well

so come down swashbuckler

and show me what you’ve got.

I have only an open heart, sorry

a useless weapon I know

to bring to any game of love.


I’m going to love you anyway, so you can relax with your cliche game playing.


Does a game exist

when the other team decides to stop playing?


That’s me. I forfeit

until you surrender

your need for control.


All your defences seem a little silly

in the face of such truth

yes, I just want to love you.


You say “Can you love this?”

as you pull off your mask

like  a modern day Scaramouche.

“Easy”, I say.

I love the flaw in all things,

the corner stone of a thing’s greatest strength.


No need to chase summits 

to convince yourself that the world is yours

Love your weakness

and let it be your light out of

swamp lands.

When you acquiesce to the ordinary,

magic happens.

Don’t gather souvenirs to say who you are

where you have been

or what you’ve achieved

It’s just a declaration of fear.


When you hold onto nothing,

you have everything. 



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