I love our mistakes together

That golden era

when the sun, at its peak

watched over us, benevolence

cascading on our flesh

as we busied ourselves

with creating our own demise.

She opened the door that day

for me to lead you away from her

into private sorrowful passion

addicted to our own hubris

our reflection together

enough to overcome

the injustice for those

we were keeping in the dark.

My folly was thinking i could arrange spontaneity.

Me, waiting for moments

stolen when we could continue

what should have only been for a moment.

Our first time laughter at seeing the face of God

in a taboo

I knew the Jesus followers had it wrong

when they dropped joy and desire

and surrendered their life force

to colouring in between the lines.

If only i could bottle that first ecstatic moment.

Instead i stood outside myself

watching only flesh on flesh

attempt to penetrate the mystery of eternal longing

for something greater than us


until dissipation of life force

had me holding the rosary

head down like a shameful lover of God

in a sexless church.

Now that enough moons have lit the night sky

and we can face each other

for once, unencumbered

by the ruin we unleashed

on all that we had created

without each other,

I hold that uncertain time as magic,

still tinged with a divine spark

for attempting like a modern day Icarus

to reach for the unattainable

through each other.

photo 1 copy


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