wolf club

7_People around a fire, Spitalfieds, 1976_

i dropped my melancholy in soil

i was just passing by

it seemed like the thing to do.

like blood and bones it fed an idea

something of sustenance

enough to feed the homeless

the lonely street walkers

too afraid to go home to the quagmire of domesticity.

we huddle together around a city campfire

collectively imagined

praying the wolf in us hadn’t betrayed our lust

to head back to the wild

in search of our true home.

no one spoke.

we knew we were there

in silent celebration

of the limited flesh that withers

and decays

but incases nonetheless, the limitless self.

someone laughs, another howls

some of us maul each other

we know something

but we don’t know why, we just do.

corral us all you like

human livestock into a stable

subdue us between four walls

in a cell of monogamy

an efficient unit to build social stability

and control.

your science has never found the formula

to govern the infinite world inside a human

the innate godhood hidden in the broken.

our little rebellions will start small

grow large

and in time like a tsunami of life-force

will consume the metallic souls

in love with the blood stream

replaced by electricity.


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