Domestic Pretenders





There, I’ve washed and ironed your idea of yourself

a costume used to fool others, that you made gold

out of an early life in mud and I’m a part of this charade.

“Don’t cut your hair or i’ll leave you”

i just cut a fraction off each day, it gives me something to cling to.

I’ve folded my hopes for the future too btw.

It wasn’t hard.

It’s easier to throw them in Wednesday night’s trash

than watch the slow gathering of dust.

“Dinner’s ready!”

or rather, ‘Let’s watch the worldly horrors on TV while we eat’

Are you numb enough yet or are you ready for dessert?

I can do both. Me too. Wow, we are in synch.

We are such a great team!

The great pretenders they call us, but in a funny way

Everyone knows we both died years ago.

“You’re only with me for the children” i say

“So are you” he says.


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