magicians of the heart

If i cut my wrist open only the memory of love escapes not blood. that heritage i have squandered on magicians, knowledgable in the art of arranging words to help me with my well planned strategy of self defeat, the falling in love with an idea. And that idea is: wait for it, wait for … Continue reading


I was once that, the untamed horse running free and roughshod over global ideas of how the big guns thought it all should be stomping it all out with placards and stop the uranium mining anthems, while in the same day sleeping with 3 girls in a friend’s teepee. That was me once the one … Continue reading

a ghost story

There is this hell inside me where the flames are mesmerising it’s shape fits your outline that grows and shrinks every time you walk in, walk out. Tell you what, i’ll be the empty house and you be the ghost. I’ll keep my favourite illusions about us in tiny glass jars like portable mausoleums. What … Continue reading