Brittle Ghost Sculptures


It’s completely ok to have paper thin feelings

they are a sign that you are connected to everything

and you should never toughen up.

they are brittle ghost sculptures,

like a once spectacular spider’s web

now dangling in the breeze above your porch step

the intricacy of all the connecting parts

made senseless by a broken thread

a carless gesture of a human hand

or perhaps deliberate

in haste to get somewhere by 9am

that all night effort destroyed in a breath

trampled on by imaginary urgency

of progress, a deadline

profit over humans

those paper thin feelings are what remains

but don’t worry.

the fragile things will one day be the strongest

and the things that are destroyed

will be reborn

kneel before the invisible

and you will see the truth of things for the first time

our paper thin feelings are like nature

they will always reinvent themselves

like the web of that spider

they will be remade over and over

until our favourite idea of ourselves

is broken, dangling in the breeze

and all that remains is tenderness


3 thoughts on “Brittle Ghost Sculptures

  1. My feeling at this time is that I’m missing you. Although I should have known all along that you would go poof at some point. You are special in a special way, like when a smell reminds me of a feeling I’ll never have again. How hard is it to have a friend… Or for someone to be your friend? You are not like all the others and I find myself wanting to be approved by you, because I hold you in such admiration. Now you are gone and I miss your brilliant mind when it would take a minute and send me a word or two…

    But know this. Your impact isn’t felt in measured out bits and pieces, but you need to breath and flow have miles of room in which to stretch out your wonderful thoughts for everyone to enjoy.


    • Thanks Charles for your very kind and generous words. Im just taking a break from Twitter as a part of a 47 day detox from things that impede my internal evolution. I really appreciate your honesty and kind heart. You’re a very good soul and i consider you as one of my family on twitter. But did you know that you don’t need my approval at all, you just need your approval. Whatever you see in me is in you xxx

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