Personalised Panic Attack Bags

The idea to make panic attack bags occurred to me when I actually needed one myself. I suffer from anxiety attacks, although less so now that I’ve started being in my body, but I took my mind off my anxiety by drawing my feelings on the brown paper bag someone gave me. It started there. Now i make them as functional artworks that you can store in your bag or place in a glove box in your car, near banks or buildings or anywhere that is a trigger for 21st Century anxiety.


4 thoughts on “Personalised Panic Attack Bags

  1. Hello there, I am such a big fan of all your wonder~full creations. I was wondering whether you were still selling your personalised panic attack bags as can’t seem to find the option to purchase them. Anyway, triple word score on ‘thank you,’ many blessings jane

    • Hi Jane
      Thanks for your lovely words, it’s always great to know when some special human finds your work and loves it.
      My drawings and bags are available via
      If you email Viken, the gallery director, he will tell you which ones are still available. We also have an online shop connected to that website and originals prints and bags are available through there too, but I haven’t put all the bags up.
      Just go to menu and see original works and prints and my name comes up.

      Have a great day!
      Warm regards
      Emma Magenta

    • Hello Jane,
      Thank you for your lovely words regarding my panic attack bags. I am happy to make you a personalised bag. I only have 2 originals left. Let me know if you would like that and i will up load it to my online store to make an easy purchase.

      Emma Magenta

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