REMEMBERING AGATHA is a story I have been writing for the last few years and have finally made into a short 30 minute film including live action with fragments of animation of my drawings.

In short, it is a story of a mother of 2 kids married to a wolf in a dying marriage. She finds a portal through the dishwasher into the forest of her childhood, revealing the traumatic past that she is on the run from, but also the secret gift hidden inside the Black Madonna statue she had as child.

You can weep for 6 years and not even know you’re doing it
it’s hidden underneath layers of domestic obligation
to a life you fell into from the fear of forever being alone
I succumbed to the thrill of feeling fire in the belly
I succumbed to what I now know was just my attachment
to the possibility that there was everlasting joy
beyond love’s beautiful beginnings.
I played that little game i play with myself
where I pretend someone else can fill the gaps in me,
replace the broken pieces
But love only kills you once,
after that, every other love is just a pilgrimage
to an old war zone,

An un-winable war.

My error in short was this:

mistaking everyone for what I’m searching for.



  1. Emma Magenta! Your words are such brilliance. How you portray and then share the real and depth of a situation otherwise difficult to put into words is such a gift. Vulnerable yet strong beauty in every piece stringed together. Thank-you x

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